Cancellation Policy

Depending on your plan, there are different cancellation policies...

Month-to-month plans ('Monthly Plans')

On a monthly plan, you can cancel any time before your next payment date and the cancellation will be immediate, with no further charges.  Please note cancelling means we will stop sending you boxes.  For this reason, monthly plans are the most flexible.

Multi-month plans (including 'Three Month Subscription Plans' and 'Six Month Subscription Plans')

On a multi-month plan, such as a three-month plan or a six-month plan, when signing up you are committing to paying each month for the duration of that plan.  So if you sign up to a six month plan, you are agreeing to make a payment every month for six months.

These plans automatically renew, meaning after your first plan period ends, we roll you onto a monthly plan but locked in at the lower rate, so you and your dog can keep enjoying Waggly Club boxes but at lower prices but with no further commitment.

If you want to cancel the renewal, before your multi-month plan finishes, this means you are cancelling at the end of the plan.  We will still bill you for the remaining months in the plan and still send you boxes each month until the multi-month plan period finishes.  You just won’t roll onto the monthly plan at the end.

If you want to cancel the remaining payments in your current plan that’s OK.  Cancellations incur a fee of 50% of the remaining value of your plan.

Here is an example of how the cancellation fee is calculated:

If you have a six month plan at $45 a month, and after four months you need to cancel your remaining payments

  • You still have two months remaining on your committed plan
  • If you finish the plan per your commitment, you would still pay 2 x $45 = $90.  
  • To cancel these remaining payments, your cancellation fee is 50% of $90 = $45.  
  • Paying the cancellation fee means you won’t receive any more boxes

How do I cancel my subscription?

It’s easy – just email us at [email protected] before the renewal date and we will process the cancellation for you within 1 business day