Frequently Asked Questions

What is Waggly Club?  What's in the boxes?

What is Waggly Club? +

Waggly Club is a subscription service, and every month we ship all-natural treats and the highest quality toys to our thousands of customers all across Australia. We road-test and hand select each product that goes in a box, optimising for play, stimulation, and nutrition. Our sole goal is to deliver joy and tail wags to dogs, and bring smiles to the faces of the people who love them.

We do this because we believe that dogs aren’t just dogs, they’re family. So we’re on a mission to make the already awesome experience of owning a dog that little bit more fun and easy, and to set tails wagging across the country.

Each month’s new box will contain new toys and resupply your dog with a month’s worth of treats. The toys are chosen based on a number of criteria including quality, enrichment, and FUN! For treats, we couldn’t find anything in the market that we loved, so we created our own brand called Waggly Snacks which are big on taste and are always: grain-free, sugar-free, chemical-free, preservative-free and contain no fillers. This makes them pretty different from what you can buy in the supermarkets and most pet stores.

All of our customers are supported by our Customer Happiness team whose sole priority is to make sure you and your dog are happy with our products and service. So if your dog doesn’t love something let us know and we’ll make sure we make it right. Or if you need to customise anything about your subscription, our dog-loving Happiness team would love to help you. There is no ask too small or big!

Waggly Club plans start at $45 a month and we have two main product types: Original and Active. Original is for most dogs, and includes two bags of treats and two toys each month. The toys will change a lot month-to-month, ranging from plush to heavy duty and everything in between. For Active, this box is good for soft-toy killers, and includes two bags of treats plus an extra treat or chew, and one more durable toy each month. We then offer a range of options at checkout for you to tell us more about your dog so we can customise your box for you. Common customisations include puppy-friendly boxes and boxes for dogs with dietary requirements. We’ll also ask you how big your dog is so we can make sure the toys and treats are a great fit.

What's inside a Waggly Club box? +

Each box contains toys and treats hand-picked for your dog, with the single aim of making them happy and healthy.  

If you choose an Original box, each month you will receive:

  • Two different toys (ranging from plush to rubber and everything in between)
  • Two bags of Waggly Snacks (very healthy dog treats, with no preservatives or grains)
  • Free Shipping anywhere in Australia

If you choose an Active box, each month you will receive:

  • A single, durable toy (never any plush filling) that, while not indestructible, will last longer
  • Two bags of Waggly Snacks PLUS another bag of treats or a long-lasting chew treat
  • Free Shipping anywhere in Australia

All of our dog toys are from reputable, safe brands, such as Kong, Zippy Paws and Outward Hound.  Our treats are amazing - Aussie-made using Aussie ingredients, no grains, no preservatives, no chemicals.  Just high-protein meat, air-dried raw. Because they have so much meat (no filler), dogs LOVE the taste and the treats improve your dog’s nutrition.

What's the difference between 'Original' and 'Active' boxes? +

We offer two types of boxes so you can pick the box that's just right for your pup.

Original boxes are our most popular box, and each month includes at least:

  • Two different toys
  • Two bags of healthy treats
  • Free delivery

We mix up the types of toys all the time: sometimes they will be soft and cuddly, other times they will be rubbery and bouncy.

Active boxes are designed for dogs who destroy plush toys or who need more stimulation.  Note: we don't offer indestructible toys, and sometimes your dog will still make their way through these toys, but there won't be any fluffy filling to clean up.  We also always advise to never leave a dog with a toy unsupervised.

Each month an Active box includes at least:

  • One high quality toy
  • Two bags of healthy treats plus another bag of treats or a chew treat
  • Free Shipping
What are the benefits of joining Waggly Club? +

We’re all about making dogs happy and healthy, and making the experience of living with a dog even more awesome.  So, each month, as well as receiving your subscription box you’ll get:

  • Free shipping in our online shop
  • Access to special discounts
  • Our newsletter with tips on caring for your dog
  • A free gift for your dog’s birthday or coming home day
  • Access to our Pooch Rewards referral program, where you can get free boxes for signing friends or family up to Waggly Club
  • More cool stuff that we’re adding all of the time, like discounts for other brands we love or access to exclusive competitions
  • Our Customer Happiness Team working for you to make your box perfect for your pup.
  • We also regularly feature our members on our social channels - don’t forget to tag us #wagglyclub #becausedogsarefamily and @wagglyclub
What if my dog has food allergies or a special diet? +

At checkout, you’ll be given an option to tell us more about your dog’s dietary needs.  We then only send you treats that suit. And you can change this any time during your subscription if your dog’s needs change or there are certain treats you prefer not to receive.

Do you make boxes for puppies or growing dogs? +

Puppies!  What’s not to love?  OK so the toilet training can be hard, but otherwise, how good are puppies?!  And yep, we have lots of customers with puppies. We recommend choosing an original box to start with (you can always move to active if your dog grows into a bit of a destroyer), and then at checkout simply tick the check box that asks if your dog is a puppy, and tell us how big your puppy currently is.  We’ll send you a box that suits your puppy’s needs right now.

Then, as your puppy grows or it’s toy or treat needs change, just get in touch and we’ll customise your subscription.

You can either email [email protected] or chat with us here on the website. We’ll do the rest.

Can I switch from Original to Active? Or from Active to Original? +

Yes, you can.  We suggest signing up to the box you think suits your dog best.  Then you can change at any time by emailing [email protected] or chatting with us here on the website.  

If you’re unsure about which box you want, just get in touch with our Customer Happiness team via email or chat.  They’re experts in making humans and dogs happy and would love to help.

What if I have more than one dog? +

Lucky you!!!  Our boxes are designed to be a month’s worth of toys and treats for a single dog but we have lots of options for multiple dogs:

  • They can share 🙂  This works particularly well on the Original plan as you get two toys.  
  • We can do you a special price to get two boxes shipped to the same address - just email [email protected] or chat with us and we can set this up for you
  • We can upgrade your box to add an extra toy or bag of treats each month - email [email protected] or chat with us and we’ll make something special for you
  • You can add extra individual items each month via our online shop ->  Subscribers ALWAYS get free shipping if items ship with your next box, and we’ll also let you know when shop items are on special 🙂

How do the plans and subscriptions work?

What's the difference between the plans? +

By subscribing to any of our plans, you’ll receive a new box of dog toys and treats delivered each month, similar to a magazine subscription.

The different types of plans refer to the duration of your plan.  If you sign up to a 6-month plan it means you’ll receive at least 6 boxes (one per month for six months), and we offer you a discount on this plan because you are signing up to receive more boxes.  A 3-month plan works the same way, but with a minimum of 3 boxes instead of 6. You can alternatively choose a 1-month plan (sometimes called a month-to-month plan), which means you receive at least one box (like a flexible phone plan).

How much does shipping cost? +

Shipping is free on all plans.

Also, if you sign up to a Waggly Club plan you’ll get free shipping in our online shop if you’re happy for your items to ship with your next box (more info will be provided in your welcome email)

When will my box be shipped? +

We will ship your first box the next business day.  After that, you will move to monthly shipments, which are always shipped on or before the 15th day of each month.

If you need to change your shipping dates, please get in touch with us two business days before your payment processing date.  You can email [email protected] or chat with us.

Can I change my address or skip months? Can I change what's in the box? +

Yes, you can.  No matter what type of plan you’re on, we can always customise your service.  Common options we offer include:

  • Address changes for if you move
  • Skipping a month or two (great for if you’re on holidays or moving)
  • Changing frequency if you have enough toys + treats for a while (e.g. moving you to receive a box every two months instead of every month)
  • We also can change the contents of your box so you get only treats or only toys.

The easiest way to change anything (or everything!) is to email [email protected]

Does my subscription continue after my minimum plan has ended? +

Yes, it does.  Much like a phone plan, once your minimum plan term has finished we continue your service until you let us know you want to change something.  This means your dog can keep enjoying Waggly Club boxes at locked-in low rates with no hassle.

If you ever need help adjusting your subscription, please email [email protected] or chat with us.  

What payment options do I have? +

You can pay using credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or PayPal.  

We do accept bank transfer payments via special arrangement - please contact [email protected] for assistance.

When will my payment be processed? +

Your first payment will be processed when you sign up.   This lets us send your first box out to you straight away.

After that, you will be billed on either the 3rd or the 10th of each month.  You will receive an email from us notifying you of your payment processing dates.  You can always change these dates by getting in touch with our Customer Happiness Team via email ([email protected]), live chat on this website or by texting or calling 0434-795-456

What if my Waggly Club box doesn't arrive? +

We work really closely with our Australia Post and Couriers Please to give you an excellent experience, but sometimes parcels get delayed or go missing.  

If your box hasn’t arrived please check your email account for a tracking email from us, which contains a link so you can see your box’s shipping status.  If it looks like there is a problem we recommend contacting the courier directly as this is usually fastest. However, we are absolutely happy to do this for you if you prefer - just email [email protected] or live chat us and we can help.

If we can’t get a speedy resolution in terms of getting your box delivered, we’ll then chat with you about options for us to resend another box to you.  You definitely won’t miss out.

How do I change my shipping or payment details? +

Simply email or live chat with us and let us know your new address or ask about changing your payment method.  Please do so 2 business days before your next processing date so we can ensure the changes are made before your next box ships.  Our email address is [email protected]

What if I'm not happy with my box? +

We put every effort into making a product and service we hope you’ll love, but we also understand that sometimes you’ll love somethings more than others.  And we want to help.

If you’re not happy with an item in your box, our Customer Happiness Team would love to hear from you and help find a suitable replacement and also to see how we can customise your subscription to make sure future boxes are a great fit for your dog.

If you still don’t think our service is right for you, you have access to a 2-week cooling off period from the time you receive your first box.  This means that if after receiving your first box you just don’t think the service is right for you, you have two weeks (10 business days) to end your subscription early in one of two ways:

  1. Send back the complete, unused contents of the box for a full refund.  We recommend you ship back via Australia Post and get a tracking number. Refunds will be processed once we received the contents back.
  2. If you have used some or all items in your box or you want to keep them but don’t want to continue your subscription, to end your subscription early we request you pay the difference of what you already paid vs. the price of a 1-month subscription.  Once you have paid the difference we will end your subscription early.

To initiate either option, please email us via [email protected] with your account email address and request to end early, and which option you want.  Our team can help you from there and make sure everything runs smoothly.

How does your referral program work?

What is Pooch Rewards and how do I participate? +

We know that if you love being a part of Waggly Club, you probably know some people who would love it, too.  Or maybe you or your dog have a social media account and you post about Waggly Club sometimes. If so, you should be rewarded!

All current subscribers have access to our Pooch Rewards program.  If you participate, we’ll give you a special link with your dog’s name (e.g.  You can give that link to friends, family or your social following. Anyone who signs up using your link will get some kind of bonus (either a discount or bonus items) and you’ll get your next box for free 🙂  There is literally no limit to how many free boxes you can get.

If you’re interested, email [email protected] or live chat us and we can get you started.  

A friend sent me a referral link. How does it work? +

That's awesome. Your friend knows you and your pup will also love Waggly Club.  Make sure you click your friend's link and then sign up.  You'll receive a bonus (it will be clear on the sign-up page what the bonus is) AND your friend will get rewarded as well.

Do you support or partner with animal shelters or breeders?

I’m a shelter/rescue organisation interested in a donation. Can you help? +

Thank you for the important and tireless work that you do.

We frequently donate boxes to charities across Australia.  If you would like to receive a donation please email [email protected] to see how we can help.  We also have a range of other fundraising options, including support via cash donations or enrolment into our affiliate programs.  Basically, we're here to help - please reach out to us to find out more.

I’m a breeder, trainer, kennel club or other dog-related business. Do you have a partnership program? +

We offer puppy boxes for breeders, designed to help your pups get the best start in their new homes.  You can learn more here

Additionally, we have a range of options for puppy schools, kennel clubs or dog-related business.  You can also participate in our affiliate program. Please email [email protected] for more info.

Have a question we weren't able to answer here?

We'd love to hear from you.  There are a few ways to get in touch.  Please click the Live Chat icon to chat with us or leave a message.  Alternatively, you can email [email protected] and our Customer Happiness Team will get in touch with you within 1 - 2 days (usually within an hour or two!)