August 26 is National Dog Day

Dogs are amazing.  They love unconditionally, they sleep on our sofas, they drag us out of the house and they fill up our hearts.  And to us, they're not just dogs - they're family.

National Dog Day is about celebrating ALL dogs - from the ones who shed all over our clothes to the dogs that work tirelessly to help humans have better lives.  And it's a really important day to remember all of those dogs in shelters who haven't found their forever home yet.

So to celebrate, we're offering two great deals to Aussie dog lovers.  And as our way of saying thanks, 5% of all proceeds from the sale will go to a Rescue Shelter, and for each new subscription sign up we'll also be donating a bag of treats to that shelter.

And we'll be asking all those who purchase during the sale, or sign up to a new subscription, to nominate and vote as to which shelter receives the prize.

The Offers

30% off in the Waggly Club Shop

5% of proceeds go to an Australian Rescue Shelter

2 bonus treat bags in your 1st box

5% of proceeds go to an Australian Rescue Shelter

AND a bag of treats will also be donated for each new sign-up

The Donation

Everyone who purchases in the online store or signs up for a subscription up until midnight August 26 will be asked to nominate their favourite rescue shelter.  The shelter with the most nominations will then be announced and 5% of proceeds plus our matched treat donation will be made.  All purchasers who want to participate will also be thanked in a special post featuring their dog's name.