Why we created dog health memberships


In early 2018 we launched Waggly Club Health Memberships for dogs.  We did this because we inherently believe that, for many people, dogs are family.  We also know that, for so many dog owners, keeping their furry family member happy and healthy is really important, but that there can be lots of conflicting information out there and it can get expensive.

So we wanted to create a service that made it easy to keep your furry family member happy and healthy.  It’s really important for us to offer high quality products, and our memberships do just this while combining  the convenience of regular deliveries with the value of bulk buying (without the commitment).

So what is it?

We call it a health membership.  You might call it a monthly delivery of the essentials to keep your dog healthy.

Each month that you stay subscribed (you can cancel anytime you want) we will send you a package that contains:

  • A month’s supply of very healthy dog treats
  • A month’s supply of high-quality Advocate flea, heartworm and worm treatment.


A bit more about our healthy dog treats

What you feed your dog is a key factor in determining your dog’s health.  Dogs tend to have two main sources of food: their regular meals and snacks and treats we feed them.  Because many dogs eat the same meals regularly, treats are a great way to increase variety and nutrition into a dog’s diet, and they also just love them.

But some supermarket and pet store treats contain a range of things we don’t recommend feeding dogs.  In the coming months you’ll hear more from us about specific ingredients we recommend avoiding but as a general rule of thumb: if a treat has grains in it (increasingly understood to cause allergies in dogs) or contains a bunch of hard to pronounce preservatives and additives steer clear – it’s not what dogs ate in the wild and, in some extreme cases, can be toxic.

Our promise is that our treats are always single-ingredient (just one meat product, nothing else), made in Australia using human-grade Australian meat.  They might sound gross (Kangaroo Tendons?  Lamb lung!) but dogs love them and they’re packed with nutrition and free from any nasties.


A bit more about flea, heartworm and worm prevention

Fleas are a year-round problem in Australia.  And, the short of it is that if your dog has fleas, your house is going to have fleas living in it in a matter of hours.  That means you and your family might get bitten and the fleas will continue to spread until you do something about it.

In addition, heartworm and other worm infections are really unpleasant for dogs (we’re talking difficulty breathing, weight loss, low energy and even seizures are possible).  And in some awful cases, heartworm infection can be fatal.

It is our view that, for our furry family members, prevention is far better than the cure.  And parasite prevention is so good these days.  You simply give a tablet or a spot-on treatment once a month and you’re done.

But, as dog owners (and lovers) ourselves, we know there can be some issues:

  • You have to remember to give the treatment each month.  In a house where multiple people care for a dog, this can be hard.  Or sometimes life just means we forget, even if we have reminders set
  • Buying single doses is often quite expensive.  But buying multi-packs of 6 or more means you have to pay the full cost up front AND keep chemicals in the house.


Monthly deliveries solve both of these problems:

  • We do the remembering for you.  You just give the treatment as soon as you receive your package each month.
  • We pass on a lot of the savings of bulk buying with discounted monthly prices


How our Health Memberships work

It’s pretty simple:

  1. When you first purchase, you pay for one month and we ship your first month’s supply straight away.  
  2. Then each month that you stay subscribed, we automatically debit your chosen payment method on the same day each month and then ship your next package.
  3. Each time you receive a package you give the parasite prevention straight away and you’ve also now received a month’s worth of fresh treats
  4. This pattern continues until you cancel (which is easy to do via our portal)


What it costs

Prices range from $32 for very small dogs to $36 for large dogs.  Plus shipping.  


You’ll receive:

  • A month’s supply of Advocate, suitable for your dog’s size.  This can cost more than $20 if you bought it in the pet shop.
  • A month’s supply of very healthy treats, with RRP of up to $30.
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